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Ambroise Bouvier is Marge's deceased great-great-uncle.

Ambroise Bouvier
Gender Male.png
Status Deceased.png
Hair None
Age 105-110 (at death)
Relatives Parents: Marcel Bouvier and Algelique Bouvier

Siblings: Antoine Bouvier, Jacques Bouvier, Lance Bouvier, Alfred Bouvier, Erique Bouvier, Georgette Bouvier, Babette Bouvier, Etienne Bouvier
Nephews: Pépé Bouvier, Lalique Bouvier, Monique Bouvier, Coquette Bouvier, Fifi Bouvier
Great-nephews: Clancy Bouvier, JoJo Bouvier, Chester Bouvier, Arthur Bouvier
Great-niece: Charlene Bouvier
Great-great-nieces: Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier
Great-great-nephew: James Bouvier
Great-great-great-nephew: Bart Simpson
Great-great-great-nieces: Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Ling Bouvier (adopted)
Great-great-great-great-nephews: Kirk Simpson and Picard Simpson
Great-great-great-great-nieces: Zia Simpson and Maggie Simpson, Jr.

First Mentioned "The Funeral"