Simpsons Fanon

All's Veldt That Ends Veldt Maggie gets hypnotized by pikachu after watching too much Pokemon and runs off while the Simpsons go to visit Stampy at the conservation park.


One morning Bart causing absolute chaos in the kitchen and scaring the cat while dressed as a Safari hunter.

"Bart! I know you're excited to see Stampy but please calm down!" Marge sighed.

"What's Stampy?" Hugo asks.

"Bart's elephant." said Lisa. "You've missed a lot locked up in the attic. Bart getting a tattoo... Maggie shooting Mr Burns..."

"I could have throttled that Bill and Marty when they sent you a fully grown bull elephant!" Homer said cross with the whole situation that happened with them getting an elephant.

"Speaking of Maggie, where is she?" Marge asked.

"She's in the living room watching cartoons." said Bart.

Maggie was watching a bizarre parody of Pokemon called Pikkanose and the Porkymen.

"Pika booga!" said Pikkanose, the Pikachu parody as he used his hypnosis attack on Maggie to hypnotise her.

Santachoo thought the idea of him learning hypnosis was silly.

"Come on Maggie, you can watch cartoons later." said Marge taking Maggie who was hypnotized.

In the car ride there Lisa was listening to an environmental friendly, liberal boyband singing about protecting the environment.

"La de la! Recycle! La La la! Let's grow some flowers in your heart!"

"Ugh! What is that you're listening to?!" Bart whined.

"None of your business Bart..." said Lisa.

"Oh Bart... it's just one of the latest boy bands she likes." said Marge.

"Well luckily I don't have to listen to that!" said Oscar. He put on some oversized headphones attached to a Walkman and played Metallica songs at high volume. Lisa could feel the bass.

"Oscar! That must be far too loud for your ears!" Lisa warned him.

"Lisa he can't hear you. Besides that's how you're supposed to enjoy that style of music." said Bart.


They arrived at the Springfield Veldt where Stampy lives. They signed in all the paperwork and Homer had to chase Bart because he kept running off to see Stampy. Or buy from the gift shop.

"Those rubber snakes are mine!" said Bart running off.

"Get back here boy!" Homer yelled.

Hugo shrugged and ran off too. "Look at me! I'm making a spectacle of myself!" he yelled.

Homer eventually managed to retrieve Bart and Hugo. They were in the gift shop.

"Where did you get to?" Marge asked.

"Oh Bart was trying to get me to buy him this toy tarantula..." said Homer.

"Nuh uh! I was just looking at the rubber snakes." said Bart.

"Well let's not forget why we're actually here! To see Stampy!" said Marge.

They all went to look at all the exhibits and animals. The best way was on the safari train.

"Good because I don't want a repeat of that time we took Grampa to the zoo!" said Marge.

In Old Money Homer wanted to liven up the Safari drive by going off the designated route. They went down a bumpy road through jungle.

"Look! It's Aunt Nora's sports car!" said Oscar as he noticed a familiar red car. He waved at Peter and Judy were standing outside it.

"How did he get in Jumanji?!" said Peter as they had invaded the episode Perfect Match.

Back in the present they got on the train. The passed by the animals, an anteater made trumpet sounds, a hippopotamus went "Blaaaaargh!" and fired mouth ki energy beams and a toucan went "Tooki-Tooki"

"Isn't nature breath taking?" Marge asked.

"Mmmmmm! Gazelle-licious..." Homer moaned while drooling.

"I think they're breath taking mom. Especially since all these walking manure factories aren't house broken!" said Bart.

"Hmmmmm! Bart..." Marge sighed at Bart's talk of animal waste.

"Look! We're passing through the Sloth Exhibit!" said Oscar. Lisa was too busy listening to her music to notice.

"There's an animal you can relate to, Homer." said Bart. There was a sloth sleeping.

"That does it! I'll teach you to insinuate me with animals!" Homer strangled Bart.

"Homer! Sit down!" Marge told Homer off. He let go of Bart and sat down.


Oscar was then disobeying the park warden's warnings to keep all body parts in the cars of the train. He stuck out his arm.

"Oscar..." Lisa pushed his arm back in. Then he gave her a petulant look and stuck out his leg.

"Oscar!" Lisa pulled his leg back in. Then he stuck his arm back out. "Oscar!" Lisa started getting frustrated with him.

Then they passed through the gorilla exhibit.

"Look! That baby gorilla looks just like Maggie!" said Homer. The gorillas looked like Bartzan's gorilla family. The calf Homer pointed out looked like Maggie.

"Speaking of which, where's Maggie?! Oh my god!" Marge panicked as Maggie was missing.

"She must have escaped somehow at the Sloth exhibit!" said Oscar.

"Lisa! Take off those headphones! This is important!" Marge yelled.

Lisa did so. "What is it mom?" Lisa asked.

"While you busy listening to your music your sister has gone missing!" Marge nagged.

"Actually I was distracted trying to get Oscar to keep his arms and legs in the car." Lisa explained.

"I think we can all learn from the sloth..." said Homer calmly.

"Don't you sloth me Homer! You were supposed to be looking after her!" Marge nagged.

"Look I'll rescue her." said Bart hopping off of the train.

"Hey! No vacating the train until it comes to a complete stop!" The park warden warned.

"Bart no!" Marge cried.

"Don't worry Mom. Think of it as losing a son and gaining a daughter! Or was it losing a daughter and gaining a-" Lisa explained.

"Hmmmm! I was hoping to save that for his wedding day." Marge sighed.

"And what if he doesn't have a wedding day? What if he wants a civil partnership with Milhouse or something?"

"Like hell I'll let that happen!" Homer yelled.

"Homer!" Marge yelled.

"Bart's marrying a lady and growing up to be a regular Burt Reynolds!" Homer ranted.

"Homer! Stop being so bigoted! You'll accept our kids choices no matter what! We've been through this!" Marge nagged.

"D'oh!" Homer groaned.


Maggie crawled through a bush and went to various exhibits. Right now she was in the gorilla exhibit.

Meanwhile Bart was heading towards some long grass and lionesses.

"Uh oh! Lions! Just act natural just walking to Ol watering hole..." said Bart trying to avoid drawing their attention.

The lionesses growled and chased him.

"Nyaaaaaagh!" Bart screamed as he was being chased by lionesses.

"Haven't you heard of the circle of life?!" Bart made a Lion King reference.

"Why yes Bart, that's just a nice way of saying Survival of the fittest!" said Lisa in his thought bubble as he must have remembered a time of her saying that or predicted she'd say something like that.

"D'oh!" Bart groaned.

He came to a river and leapt over. He just barely grabbed the other side and dangled there.

The lionesses roared and ran back to their pride in defeat.

Bart heard an elephant trumpet and looked up to see Stampy!

"Stampy! Am I glad to see you!" said Bart.

Stampy trumpeted and picked him up with his trunk. However he wasn't giving Bart a ride on his back. Instead he stuffed the little boy in his mouth.

"Ugh! Still like using people as human pacifiers don't ya Stampy..." Bart groaned. "They say an elephant never forgets. But yeeeeeech! I'd like to forget this!"

Meanwhile Maggie came across a family of gorillas. The dad growled and beated his chest to try to look intimidating. Maggie had her hypnotized eyes again. She spat out her pacifier at him and it clonked the gorilla on the nose and knocked him out. The other gorillas were frightened by Maggie's power.

Maggie hypnotized various animals for her master Pikkanose. Such as the Cape buffalo, known to be extremely dangerous when in a stampede, the cheetah, the fastest land mammal and the Duck billed platypus, the only venomous mammal.

"Spa-fon!" The platypus made Pokemon noises while hypnotised.


"What's taking Bart so long?!" Marge was worried.

"Hellllp!" Bart yelled.

They gasped as they saw he was in Stampy's mouth.

"Oh my goodness!" Marge gasped.

"I'll handle this Mom! I just need a stick from one of those trees..." Lisa was trying to get a branch from an over head tree.

"I've told you thrice now car three! Stay in the car!" The park warden scolded the Simpsons.

Lisa stumbled and fell out of the train.

"Oh my goodness! Lisa!" Marge gasped.

"I'm alright mom!" said Lisa. "Oh great. That train is automated. Ill have to meet it back at the station..."

"Um... heeeeeelp?!" Bart called from inside Stampy's mouth.

"Oh yeah... I'm coming Bart!" said Lisa.

"Well hurry! I don't fancy being Stampy's chew toy much longer!" Bart ranted.

"Stampy! Sit! There's a good boy! Sit!" Lisa tried to get Stampy to obey her. He wouldn't.

"I'd hate to break it to you Lis, but Stampy's a savage beast!" said Bart.

"That's it! Only music can tame a savage beast! Well that wasn't the exact quote but..." Lisa had an idea. She was going to make Stampy listen to her annoying liberal music.

"Oh great, torturing Stampy with your awful music now?!" Bart groaned.

Stampy upon hearing Lisa's music spat Bart out in disgust.

"Well now I know what an elephant's uvula looks like..." said Bart.

"Bart are you all right? Eeeeeeew! You're covered in elephant slobber!" Lisa checked if Bart was alright.

"Yeah I've been slimed! Bwahahaha! Look out Lisa!" Bart started teasing Lisa as he dripped elephant spit everywhere.

"Bart! Quit it! This isn't the time for that! We have to find Maggie!" Lisa nagged.

"Fine..." Bart sighed. They got on Stampy and went to find Maggie.


Meanwhile Marge was lamenting the situation she found herself in with all except Hugo missing.

"Oh I'm a terrible mother!" Marge lamented.

"Now now dear, I'm sure there's worse mothers out there than you..." Homer replied.

"No there's really not..." said Hugo frowning.

"I'll teach you to disrespect your mother! Raaaagh!" Homer strangled Hugo.

Hugo made gasping choking noises like Bart.

"Homer! He's right! It doesn't take a genius to work out that locking him up in the attic for his whole life would make him resentful! If you want his respect you have to earn it!!" Oscar yelled at Homer.

"Thanks buddy!" Hugo sighed as he gasped for air after Homer stopped strangling him.

Meanwhile Maggie was trying to hypnotize some hungry hyenas. But they just saw her as food and laughed. They were about to eat her when Stampy arrived trumpeting and stamping about.

"Wooooo! Go Stampy! Squash those stupid hyenas!" Bart cheered.

Stampy quickly grabbed Maggie with his trunk before a hyena could bite her and headed back to the train stop on Bart's instructions.

"Homer I'm not budging till our kids are safely all back in our arms!" said Marge.

"They'll find us! Now let's go to the coffee cafe!" said Homer.

"Mom! Dad!" called Bart as the three Simpsons kids arrived on Stampy's back.

"Oh my goodness!" said Marge.

The Simpsons reunited.

"Now that's a happy ending!" said Oscar taking out his camera.

"Not quite! Maggie, you've been a very bad baby running off like that! That's a bad baby!" Homer tried to tell Maggie off.

Maggie used her hypnotizing powers from Pikkanose and the porky men on Stampy. He grabbed Homer and stuffed him in his mouth.

"Mmmmmmmph!" Homer screamed.

Marge gasped.

"Relax Homer, not everyone gets to see an elephant's uvula!" said Bart.

The end!

After the eventful day the Simpsons went to the gift shop. Bart was looking through the rubber toy snakes.

"Hey why are you wearing blue?!" Homer asked.

"I dunno. Matt must painted me in a blue shirt today." said Bart.