Simpsons Fanon
"Your name is Lisa?! Shut up, I love that name!"
―Upon meeting Lisa.
"Don't be such a Phoebe."
―Whenever Lisa acts like a wet blanket.
Alexandra "Alex" Whitney
Alex Whitney (Outfit 4).png
Gender Female.png
Status Alive.png
Hair Blonde
Age 8 1/2
Occupation Student at Springfield Elementary School
First Appearance Lard of the Dance
Voiced By Lisa Kudrow

Alexandra "Alex" Whitney is a popular new "grown-up" girl in Lisa Simpson's class. She is from a rich city close to Springfield.


Alex is quite a "mature" girl for her age. She has a mobile phone, purse, credit card and enjoys dances. She pierces her and her friends' ears with the help of thumb tacks and a whole lot of paper towels. She enjoys shopping on credit and dating. Her favorite scent is Calvin Klein's Pretension and favorite drink is iced tea. She uses valley girl slang, which is mainly used by teenage girls. She mentions her parents are extremely rich. She always has lip gloss, perfume and a spare pair of platform shoes in her pink fuzzy back pack.

She's learned to mellow out a bit and act her age once in a while. She and Lisa become best friends.

She also encourages to use a little make-up.


She has shoulder-length blonde hair and typically wears nice clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

She starts wearing her blue dress and high-heels regularly.



  • Despite her friendship with Lisa, she doesn't like her mom Marge. She thinks she dresses like a hooker with her "ugly hairdo" and "tacky dress".