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Abraham (Grandpa) Simpson
Gender Male
Job Veteran
Age 88
Hair None (Formerly Brown)

Father: Orville Simpson

Mother: Yuma Hickman

Wife: Mona Simpson

Ex-Wives: Selma Bouvier and Amber Simpson

Son: Homer Simpson

Son: Herb Powell

Daughter: Abigail "Abbie" Winston

Daughter-in-Law: Marge Simpson (via Homer)

Grand-Son: Bart Simpson

Grand-Daughters: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson

Abraham "Grampa" Simpson is the Father of Homer Simpson, Herb Powell and Abigail "Abbie" Winston. He was married to Mona Simpson though he has also married Selma Bouvier and Amber Simpson (after being convinced to do so) he is known for fighting in World War Two as one of the Flying Hellfish soliders. He currently lives in the Springfield Retirement Home after selling his home so Homer and Marge could buy 742 Evergreen Terrace. He somewhat neglected Homer when he was Young, making Homer seem to Dislike him.



*Moan* Nobody ever loves me...

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