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Homer and Marge hire a babysitter for the kids and go to a motel for the night. After chasing the hobo with the thick Yorkshire accent out of their room, Homer recalls a story from their youth.

It was valentines day and Marge was dating a man named Jeramy Al. Homer believed that Marge should be his but Jeramy still gets her. Homer sends her a valentines card it says:

Dear Marge,

I've always loved you. I've never really been sure of anything in life but one thing I am sure of is your the one for me.

I am willingly giving you my a song, meet me behind the school.

From Homer.

Marge was interested and came behind the school. Homer met her there with a guitar.

Homer sang

"All my life youvee been the one, but your always with someone else who doesntt care nun. They may be rich and I'm poor, but I'll always love you more"

Homer spoke:

"I am willingly selling my soul to you, I am forever yours"

Marge dumped her boyfriend but didn't date him just yet, but she promised she would alway be friends with the hobo.

Homer and Marge laugh at the story and kiss, before the hobo from earlier is revealed to be listening the whole time. Homer tackles him and starts strangling the hobo when Marge looks lovingly and realizes she made the right choice as she kisses the Yorkshire hobo. Homer then punches the ugly British twit and then kisses Marge, who is now happy with Homer again.