Simpsons Fanon

A Midsummer’s Nice Dreams A story involving Homer reuniting weed smoking comedians Cheech and Chong and Weed and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.


The title gag is Professor Frink flying with a jet pack.

The billboard gag is “Springfield Wax Museum. We’ve fixed the Air Conditioner.”

The chalkboard gag is “Daylight Savings is not a failed bank.”

The couch gag is couch springs catapulting the Simpsons into the screen. They smoosh comically against the viewers’ screen.

The Simpsons and Oscar are watching the news, hosted by Kent Brockman.

“The Queen will be held without bail, until the sample is returned from the lab.” said Kent as someone arrested the Queen of England!

“Oh my god! Nooooo!” Oscar screamed.

“Settle down Limey...” Homer sighed making him sit down.

“And now it’s time for That’s Kent a tainment!” said Kent. There was a montage of him doing stuff. Namely referencing famous movies such as Pulp Fiction as he dances with Uma Thurman. Gone With the Wind. Kent as Clark Gable kisses Kent as Scarlett. And The Godfather horse head scene.

Kent is then telling the story about Cheech and Chong. How they were originally weather reporters when some cops were burning a seized supply of cannabis and the fumes blew into the studio and made Cheech and Chong high.

Chong is eating the weather symbols.

“Why does everything have a Ometer at the end of it man? Thermometer, denominator, barometer...”

“Cheech and Chong were from Springfield through and through!” said Kent.

“Cheech and Chong are from Springfield?!” Lisa asked.

“Yessiree!” said Homer.

“Who’s Cheech and Chong?” Bart asked.

“Who’s Cheech and Chong?!” Homer gasped that he didn’t know who Cheech and Chong were.

“Yes, that’s what I’m asking you Dad! Who’s Cheech and Chong?”

“You don’t know who Cheech and Chong are?!” Homer gasped.

“No.” said Bart.

“They’re my generation’s Beavis and Butthead!” said Homer.

“Who’s Beavis and Butthead?” Bart asked.

“Do you you watch anything on this speaking box except Itchy and Scratchy and Krusty...” Homer groaned.

“Uh... Pokemon?” Bart asked.

Homer cried. “I’ve failed as a parent! I swore the day my son was born he’d appreciate Stoner comedy!” Homer weeps. “To the media room!”

The kids are confused by where that room is.

“The attic.” Homer explained dryly.

We cut to the attic. Homer has redecorated it as his hippy cave again and is sitting on a hand chair while Lisa and Bart are sat on beanbags.

Hugo is there eating fish heads from a bucket with a heavy iron ball chained to his ankle.

They’re watching Cheech and Chong.

“Dave’s not here man...”

Homer laughed.

“I don’t get it.” said Bart.

Homer cried.

“What are you guys doing up here?” Marge asked coming up the ladder.

“I don’t know, you tell me mom...” Hugo said sulking that they messed up his room turning it into a hippy den from Homer’s weed smoking days.

“Aaaaaagh! Hide the dope!” Homer screamed.

“Dad we don’t have any dope...” said Lisa.

“Then what have I been smoking?” Homer asked. He had been smoking loft insulation. He screamed because it was asbestos.

“Mmmmmm... asbestos...” said Bart smiling.

“Bart!” Oscar yelled annoyed.


Downstairs in the living room Homer watched more Cheech and Chong.

“What is rain man?” said Cheech.

“Yeah man... it’s like we’re under an apartment and there’s overflow from God and his fat sister using the bath tub!” said Chong.

Homer laughed. Suddenly lightning struck.

In heaven God was pissed off! “Hey! Lay off the cracks about my fat sister!” God yelled. His sister frowned. “Uh... who is so totally not fat!” God added.

There was then an announcement. Cheech and Chong were reuniting to perform at the Springfield Clamphitheatre. A giant clam shaped theatre. Mmmmmm! Clams...

“Mmmmmmm! Clams...” Oscar moaned and drooled with hunger.

Homer gasped with joy and ran off.

He was at a hallway of a set of flats ringing a doorbell eagerly.

“Cheech and Chong are coming to the Clamphitheatre!” Homer and Buck Tamaki yelled at once in delight as Buck carried his nephew Oscar.

“Cheech and Chong are-“ yelled Otto with joy.

“We know!” Homer and Buck yelled with joy and the weed smokers hugged.

Then that random long haired guy from Simpson and Delilah screamed with joy and hugged them too.

“You like Cheech and Chong too?” Homer asked.

“Um... I just wanted to be part of this hug.” said the man.


Marge was annoyed Homer was smoking weed again while at the Clamphitheatre. She glared and grumbled as Homer was high on cannabis and celebrating with the other town junkies.

As the junkies had fun there was a montage of this to Afroman’s Because I got high, because I got hiiiiiiigh....

“Could have been meteorologists... but we got high... warm and cold fronts... but we got high...”

Cue men smoking weed, and Ruth and loads of black men. Black men like weed...

“Lou confiscate those brownies.” said Wiggum there to spoil the fun.

“Uh Chief those aren’t pot brownies...” said Lou.

“I said “Confiscate” them...” said Wiggum winking. He obviously wanted them to eat.

The last straw for Marge was when Oscar and Bart, clearly affected by the cannabis fumes were singing Afro Man’s Because I got High.

“Could have cleaned my room when asked... but I got high... could have got up and fetched the broom... but I got got high... Now my room’s still messed up! And I know why!” Bart sings.

“Why man?” Oscar sung.

“Because I got high! Because I got hiiiiiigh...” Bart sung. Marge absolutely furious dragged him off stage. Homer gulped as Marge was in her anti drugs mood again.

Meanwhile stage crew had trouble with a cage full of angry uniclams!

“Wow these uniclams are mad!” said a crew member as the chirping uni clams fluttered about mad and trying to escape the cage. Then cannabis smoke pacified them and they went to sleep, high on weed.

“Wow my hands are huge...” said a stage crew member.


Then the main event started. Hosted by Krusty.

“Hey hey hey! Uh... guys... Hooahahaha! Here’s the main event! Cheech and Chong!”

All the junkies cheered as Cheech and Chong arrived.

There was a door on stage. Cheech was one side of it. Chong was the other.

“Hey man! Hey open up man! I’ve got the stuff!” said Cheech.

“Dave’s not here man!” said Chong.

The junkies including weed smoking Homer laughed.

“No no no. I’m Dave! Open up!”


“D A V E...”

“Dave’s not here man.”

The junkies in the audience laughed.

“Come on dude! Let me in!” said Chong.

Oscar opened the prop door wearing a towel and a shower cap holding in his hand a back scrubbing brush.

“Didn’t you hear?! Dave does not live here! Now go away!” Oscar yelled,

“Oz get off the stage...” Buck sighed.

However disaster struck as Chong wanted to try new things. “I’m seventy six years old and I’ve tried eggs every which way!”

“Even Coddled?” Ned asked. Why Ned was at a cannabis junkie comedy rodeo I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t know junkies make up the fan base of Cheech and Chong.

“Yes Ned, even Coddled.” said Chong.

Eventually the two comedians couldn’t settle their differences and split up to go their separate ways.

The junkies booed.

“Dave’s not here man!” Homer yelled.

“Oh shut up!” said Chong leaving.

Everyone booed and decided to riot, but their weed made them placid and calm. And besides they all had the munchies.

“Nah I’m hungry, let’s all go to Krusty burger...” said Homer.

The junkies all agreed.


At Krusty burger, the junkies satisfied their munchies and Buck served his home made pot brownies. Oscar tried to take one.

“Oscar put the pot brownie back in the Tupperware box...” Buck sighed.

Homer and the junkies were smoking weed in the Krusty burger. The restaurant soon filled with cannabis smoke.

Marge grumbled annoyed and took the kids home.

Then plot B started.

After arriving back at Evergreen Terrace. Marge was muttering about Homer getting into weed again when Crazy Cat Lady screamed at them and threw cats.

“Oh I must give Ms Abernathy back her whisk.” said Marge. They went inside only to retrieve a whisk then headed over to Crazy Cat Lady.

She screamed and yelled and threw cats at them.

“Um, I’ve come to return your whisk Ms Abernathy.” said Marge.

Crazy Cat Lady screamed and yelled and showed them in. Even from the front door Marge could see her house was rather cluttered.

“Mom you can’t be serious! We’re actually going in there?!” Bart asked concerned and creeped out.

“Bart be nice!” Marge admonished him while whispering. They went in...

Crazy Cat Lady not only liked cats. She was a hoarder...

“Newspapers dating back to 1975..., a bag of popped jiffy pop, with the popcorn still inside... pizza boxes?! Kids, I hate to say this out loud, but I think Ms Abernathy is a hoarder!”

“That poor lady...” said Lisa as they looked about the maze constructed of garbage and old newspapers that filled the living room. Cats of all colours rested on whatever they could perch on while staring at the Simpsons with sharp green eyes and flicking their tails. If it wasn’t for the fact some of them were sick (from Ms Abernathy not knowing how to to treat them) or their aggression leading to them becoming feral, one would consider them cute almost.

“Kitties...” Oscar squealed from his Aspergers.

Bart winced. “Yeah there’s a lot of pussy in here Oz...”

“Bart!” Marge yelled. She composed herself as Crazy Cat Lady screamed and yelled while hoovering. “Kids we should help Ms Abernathy.”

“But what if she doesn’t want help?” Lisa asked.

“Then she’ll get crushed under all her junk...” said Bart.

“Not if Jeepers Creepers pays her a visit like he did to that cat lady in the first movie.” said Oscar.

“Oz don’t reference those movies. Not until the director gets fired and thrown in jail...” said Bart.

The door rang. Crazy Cat Lady screamed and swore as she answered the door. “Yeah?!”

At the door was the Creeper from Jeepers creepers wearing a trench coat and hat and holding an axe.

“Aaaaaaagh!” The Simpsons screamed.

“This can’t get any worse!” said Bart.

The Creeper stepped aside. The director of Jeepers Creepers creeped forward and leered and eyed Bart, Lisa, Hugo and Oscar in a creepy manner while muttering softly to himself and licking his lips.

“Get outta here you freak!” Bart yelled at him.

Plot 2[]

Homer decided to be Cheech’s new partner, uh I don’t think Cheech and Homer has quite the same ring to it...

Cheech’s truck was outside the Simpsons.

“Honey it is so cool you’re letting me go on tour with Cheech despite my lapse back into marijuana addiction...” said Homer.

“Now Homie the only vice you can indulge in on tour is gluttony. Save your lust and rage for me and the kids!” said Marge.

“I’ll take envy! Man I am so envious at you right now Homer for going on tour with Cheech! I wanna go!” said Oscar.

“Don’t worry sweetie I’ll come back more horny and angry than ever!” said Homer.

“Oh Homie!” Marge sighed and kissed him.

Lightning struck.

“Silence sinners!” God yelled.

“Sorry God!” Homer and Marge gulped and quickly apologised.

However Homer annoyed Cheech by asking dumb questions.

“Who’s Dave? Where is he?” Homer asked packing Cheech’s stuff into his van.

“No one. There’s no Dave! It’s just... eh you won’t understand...” said Cheech.

“Ooooooh it’s a Cheech and Chong thing...“ said Homer.

That hit a raw nerve. “Don’t... ever mention that name...” said Cheech.

“Which one? Yours or...” Homer asked.

“You know full well...” said Cheech getting in and starting the engine as they drove about.

“Is this van made of weed?” Homer asked.

“No!” said Cheech.






“Eeeeeeeeeeee!” Oscar yelled poking fun at a kid with severe learning difficulties at his old school.

“No!” Cheech replied.

“Lysergic acid diethylamide?” Homer asked.

“No! It’s made of van!” Cheech got more and more annoyed by Homer’s stupidity.

“I can’t smoke or snort Van!” said Homer.

“Homer I’m not just about drugs... in fact we have to be t total while writing material and performing! No drugs!” said Cheech.

Homer whined.

“Now take the wheel. I have to sharpie over a certain someone’s face on all our merchandise with this Black marker.” said Cheech.

“Oh can we get high sniffing the pens?!” Homer asked.

“No!” Cheech yelled.

“You’re no fun! I should have gone with Chong!” Homer whined.

“Why you big, bald-!” Cheech yelled and strangled him.


Meanwhile at the Simpsons house.

“Then it’s settled we’ll spend this episode in our lives while your father goes touring with Cheech helping out Ms Abernathy, the Crazy Cat Lady by cleaning out all her clutter.” said Marge.

“That’s if she wants our help Mom.” said Lisa. “Hoarders can be rather stubborn sometimes. Although we can’t blame them for being triggered or stressed into making a what they consider a difficult decision.”

“Kinda how you liberals get triggered or stressed every time a Conservative or Republican speaks their mind and you don’t like what they have to say...” said Oscar.

“Now cut that out!” Lisa yelled.

“Well I’d love to help the old bat but I have a very busy schedule...” said Bart.

“Oh really?” said Marge annoyed. “Such as?”

“My good deed for this episode is helping reunite Cheech and Chong. I don’t get their uh humour but the world needs them and they need each other.” said Bart.

“He’s got a point there Mom.” said Lisa.

“And I’ve got a lot of busy Sundays at Cathedral and Sunday School. And at regular school I am in a production of a Midsummers Night’s Dream as Puck.” said Bart.

“Oh that’s nice.” said Marge. “That means we’re short a Helper.

“I’ll help...” said Hugo.


Chong was finding a new Cheech.

“Haven’t decide on the moustache,” he said looking at Raphael. “But you have to bring your own suspenders.”

“Snap! Snap!” said Lenny snapping his suspenders.

“Our friendship died with the first and you buried it with the second!” Carl cried and ran off.

Ralph was up first. He talked about boogers.

Chong grimaced and sent him off.

“You can be my Cheech, Ralph.” said Oscar picking his own nose.

“Who’s Cheech?” Ralph asked.

Oscar face palmed.

Then Homer dressed as Mr Stingy the evil Landlord auditions because he found Cheech boring.

“You must pay the rent!”

“I can’t pay the rent!” said Ol Gil.

“You must pay the rent!”

“I can’t pay the rent!”

“You must pay the rent!” said Homer as Mr Stingy. He then started singing. “Where is the rent! I must have the rent! Dimes, nickels, quarters... I must have them noooooow!”

Chong grimaced.

Next was Willie talking Scottish.

“I didn’t understand a word of any of that...” said Chong.

Next was Skinner.

“Hello class. I am Sister Mary Elephant. Hey! Hey, hey, shut up.” said Skinner in monotone.

“Uh no old material. Try something new...” said Chong.

“But I liked that sketch. Sister Mary’s no nonsense attitude is what inspires me to be a principal!” said Skinner.

Chong yawned.

“You want me to reinvent the wheel?” Skinner asked.

“I want you to De invent the wheel...” said Chong.

“Oh that’s easy!” said Oscar holding the boom box time machine radio from Treehouse of Horror XIII. He went back in time.

“No Oz!” Hugo yelled and took out a time pad and transported himself back in time.

Suddenly everywhere round tires vanished, or became square as Oscar convinced cave men not to invent the wheel. Or mucked up the shape suggesting square or triangle wheels.

“D’oh! Homer groaned as his car stopped because it now had square wheels.


Meanwhile Marge and a team of volunteers such as Sideshow Mel helped clear out Crazy Cat Lady’s house.

“Now we only have Crazy Cat Lady distracted for an hour so let’s get this show on the road!” said Marge.

Crazy Cat Lady was watching Cats the musical.

A hobo cat was singing beautifully as she sung Memory.

“Memoryyyyyyyy... All alone in the moon liiiiiight!”

Crazy Cat Lady cried touched by the beautiful singing. “Gaaaaaaaaah! So beautiful! (Cries and blows her nose on her cats while retrieving fresh ones from a Kleenex box.)”

Scratchy was bored.

“Oh this is so boring!” He groaned and shot himself in the head with a powerful gun. Blasting it to bits and spraying blood over an anthropomorphic cat as a posh lady sat next to him.

“Sssssssh!” She hushed his headless corpse.

By the next scene or two where a blue cat was reciting the rhyme about a cat in a velveteen hat going to see the Queen of England. Bart and Milhouse sat bored drinking an all syrup squishee.

While Milhouse was distracted. Bart poked his squishee cup with his straw and shot something with it on stage. Milhouse sat back up to hearing cats screeching and yowling wondering what on Earth happened.


However at Crazy Cat Lady’s house Marge was distracted by things she took interest in.

“A hot lather dispenser! Oh how often have I heard Homer cry in anguish from a Luke warm lather dispenser! Oh! A pen from the Milwaukee Hilton! Oh! An eighties message recorder!”

“Nobody’s hoooooome!” said a recording of Cat lady’s voice.

“Oh! All the J D Salinger books! Except Catcher in the Rye!” said Marge.

“Found it!” said Oscar. Holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye.

“Eeeeeew! Throw it away!” Marge did not like it. Probably for its vulgar language, sexual references and blasphemy. Among other things.

“Oh! Used pizza protectors!” said Marge. A bag of those cute little plastic tables found on top of pizzas.

“Little hamster dining tables!” Oscar cooed.

“Um no Oz... anyway haven’t you got something better to do?” Marge sighed.

“Haven’t you got to return all of Homer’s old rented videos to the video rental store...” said Oscar.

“Oh my!” Marge realised and left.

Oscar added Catcher in the Rye to the other JD Salinger books and took them home to the Simpsons house along with the used pizza protectors.


Marge was walking Santa’s little Helper and Hugo on their leads while going to Blockbuster video store with Lisa.

“Mom is it really alright just to throw the videos into the pit the Blockbuster used to be at?” Lisa asked.

There was a pit where a blockbuster blew up or something.

“Got any better ideas sweetie?” Marge asked Lisa as she threw the overdue rented tapes in the pit where Blockbuster once stood.

Randy Marsh from South Park was there.

“I am doing a Shining reference! Here’s Raaaaaaaandy!” Randy Marsh yelled. “Stan! Get back here now! I command you! We must all barricade ourselves in here to stop the blockbuster being destroyed! Or something!”

“No way! I’m Captain America in my friends Avengers for Halloween.” said Stan.

“I am your father do not disobey me!” Randy yelled.

“Randy shut the fuck up!” Mrs Marsh yelled. “Have fun sweetie!” She called to her son.

Suddenly from the rubble of Blockbuster emerged Michael Aspel. “I know! We’ll make a game show about covering a grid of letters with blue and white hexagons and the guests can bring their own soft toys and teddies!”

“Shut up! This is my scene!” Randy yelled.

Marge rolled her eyes at this randomness.


At home Oscar put the J D Salinger collection on the bookshelf that hid the portal to the CGI dimension from Treehouse of Horror VI. Then he went upstairs to Bart’s bedroom. That week it was Bart’s turn to take home the school hamster Nibbles. Nibbles was in his cage as the little brown hamster was running about in his hamster wheel. Oscar opened the lid and put a mostly clean used pizza protector that he thought looked like cute little dining tables for hamsters in there.

“Now you just need plates and cutlery.” said Oscar to the hamster as he shut the hamster cage securely.

Bart came home and went in the front lounge.

“Eeeeew! Who brought home more books?!” Bart groaned finding the J D Salinger collection on the bookshelf.

“I did.” said Oscar coming from the hall.

“Why?” Bart asked.

“Look I know you hate books cool dude, but you’ll like Catcher in the Rye.” said Oscar.

“Why would I like that nerd barf...” said Bart.

“Because your mom doesn’t like it... it’s got swears and sex and blasphemy and undermining family values and moral codes and communism and it encourages rebellion!” said Oscar.

“Oh cooool! Gimme!” said Bart taking Catcher in the Rye and reading it.

Oscar laughed deviously.

Plot 3[]

In Cheech’s Van Homer was playing the Marmite song on a boom box while singing along but singing about being the new Chong.

Cheech got fed up with him and threw Homer out of his van.

“Ooooooh...” Homer groaned.

Meanwhile Bart was attending to his tasks that made him too busy to help out with the Crazy Cat Lady. Cheech and Chong were already too preoccupied with finding replacements for each other. Dad wasn’t helping by coaching Cheech not to end his friendship with Chong so easily. He jumped the chance to replace Chong. Which Bart saw as setting him a bad example.

It was soon Sunday. Everyone that morning except Homer, he found another comedian to rodeo with and commit the sin of gluttony with. Were getting ready for church. Soon they were all dressed smartly. Marge gave Bart the airport security frisking for any toys or prank devices.

“Now you be good for Father Liam Neeson.” said Marge as she saw off Bart as he went to Catholic Church.

Bart confessed to his sins in the confession cabinet. Grimaced as he watched Father Liam have a light sabre fight with Darth Maul and then went to class.

Bart had some good news. That moody cow of a nun that kept hitting him with the ruler was off sick.

“Children. Children... Children!! Silence!” The Mother Superior ordered the class to be quiet and pay attention. “Unfortunately your usual teacher is off sick so here is your substitute. Please give a warm welcome to Sister Mary Elephant.”

To Bart’s amusement an elephant anthropomorphic dressed as a nun came in.

“Good morning children. I am your substitute teacher Sister Mary Elephant.

Bart couldn’t control himself and bursted out laughing.

He was soon assigned punishment. Holding heavy religious books. They were very heavy that they hurt his arms holding them up straight. Bart asso noticed pictures on the the Mother Superior’s Office walls of crying children doing the carry heavy books punishment.

At Mass he did something bad that meant Father Liam asked him to recite twenty Hail Marys.

Then at choir he did something else bad. Probably made up his own lyrics to the lion sleeps tonight again. He was made to write lines on the blackboard. However he did not do it quietly because he was singing to the lion sleeps tonight.

“Awimba way! Awimba way! Awimba way!”

“Ooooooooooooeeeeeee oo ooh oo! Oooooooeeee ooo ooo oooh! (Swahili singing)”

“In the jungle the mighty jungle! The lion sleeps tonight!” Bart sung until a nun told him off.


“Shut uuuuuuuup!” Sister Mary Elephant screeched in a high voice that caused Bart to crack up laughing.


Then Homer on cannabis dreamed he was walking in a downtown area of America trapped permanently in the sixties while dressed in clown shoes and clown trousers wearing a pimp hat and dunking a basket ball while walking with a mellowed out Cheech. The song I was a victim of Basketball Jones was sung. They were stopped by Wiggum patting his baton annoyed. Cheech took it and used it like a magic wand.

“Cooooool! Hippy weed Harry Pothead!” said Oscar also in the dream world because he was exposed to the fumes in the Simpsons attic.

Buck sighed and nudged him to go downstairs and out of the dream world to get fresh air.

“I can’t. We’re in a dream world now Unk.” said Oscar.

“Oz this is a hallucination...” said Buck as Homer and Cheech zapped things with Wiggum’s magic baton. They turned Wiggum into Spider Pig/Harry Plopper.

“Spider Pig!” Oscar said with joy running around the weed induced dream world of pure intoxication...

Gene Wilder was singing Pure Intoxication.

Then Homer encounters Marge dressed suitably for the sixties, rainbow weed dimension with clown shoes and clown pants on men and hot pants and tube tops on women...

Homer zapped her hair with the magic baton. It grew flowers and grew longer and longer.

Then Homer zapped Patty and Selma. Messing up their hair dos. Selma now had snakes for hair like a Gorgon/Medusa.

Homer then went to a shop ran by Apu. Which I assume is this dimension’s version of the Kwik e mart.

Apu gave Homer a squishee cup with two marijuana joints in it.

Then the sun with sunglasses lit Homer and Cheech’s joints/spliffs. They smoked and in the smoke was love heart candy that Homer ate. Then he was dismayed that he had eaten them all so he ate himself! He’ll be doing that a lot in a later Treehouse of Horror.

In reality Homer was chewing his arm. Cheech rolled his eyes.


Bart and Lisa were walking home from school.

“So how was your first day at our new school?” said Lisa. Um..... O_o...

“Okay. The new principal Baumgartner is awesome! When he walked through the gym he shot a basket!” said Bart.

“Uh huh... how long will it be before you’re being sent to his office for bad behaviour...” Lisa sighed.

Suddenly they were greeted by the hall in the house clogged up with junk! Where the living room once was was random hoarded junk and... oh my god! Lots-a-hugging Bear From Toy Story 3!

“We owe Pixar millionssssss!” said Hugo to the fourth wall.

“Shut up Hugo...” Bart sighed as they navigated the maze of junk.

Eerie music played as they navigated the maze. Then Bart dislodged something and junk came down blocking off a path. But on the plus side it uncovered Grampa who was buried under it. He had a gem in his forehead.

“Who dares disturb me from my eternal slumber! Who dares walk into my tomb?!” said Grampa.

“Grampa you’re not dead and this isn’t a tomb...” said Lisa.

“In that case wake me up when I am...” said Grampa going back to sleep and snoring loudly.

“This is really embarrassing...” said Bart.


At school Bart was wearing nothing except cannabis leaves as Puck/Jeremy Sumpter’s Peter Pan. He also had elf ears.

“Okay Bart you’re on!” said Principal Baumgartner.

In a forest, four Greek young people were arguing because they were having affairs with each other’s spouse/partner. Meanwhile in Ancient Greece Theseus, played by Oscar had just killed the minotaur of Minos. And was married to Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Played by Lisa.

“Will you please tell your wife I need the girdle of the Amazons...” A kid playing Hercules/Herakles whined.

“Hercules you’re not even in this play!” Oscar as Theseus whined.

The four Greek lovers argued and used archaic insults.

Then the only reason I know of this play is by watching the Animaniacs butcher it.

Yakko in a toga and a brown wig as reading his lines while Dot made references to Batman and Robin. Bart as Puck facepalmed.

Wakko was catching butterflies and annoyed the goddess Titania. However he thought she was pretty and would not leave her alone.

Then Bart as Puck wearing nothing except cannabis leaves as some sort of nature spirit did his lines.

“Holy crud! It’s Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan!” Oscar as Theseus yelled.

“No! I’m Puck. With cannabis leaves as greenery...” Bart explained.

“Am I high...” Oscar explained.

“Yes you’re still passed out in the attic with my Dad, Cheech, your uncle and Otto.” said Bart dressed as Puck.


Oscar found from waking from his dream within a dream that he was still in cannabis rainbow magic land! He was in a downtown street with clown pants Pimp hat Homer, Chedch, Marge with flowers in her hair, Patty and Selma as sixties chicks and Uncle Buck.

“How do we get outta here Unky?!” Oscar asked his uncle.

“I don’t know Oz, I don’t know.” said Buck.

“Oh well, might as well enjoy myself.... hehehehe! Look! Spider Pig!” said Oscar.

Oscar went about the weed dream dimension. He encountered clown pants Pimp hat Homer with a magic baton. Homer’s clothes have him an idea.

Oscar took out his magic wand and summoned some clowns. They honked horns and juggled and rode unicycles.

Buck rather than be concerned he couldn’t get low/coming down decided to smoke a joint. In this marijuana smoke were candy love hearts candy.

Oscar was taking them and eating them.

In reality he was chewing the attic balustrades and frames.

Buck sighed having came down from his high and took Oscar downstairs to get some fresh air.

“Oh my God! How long were we up there?!” Buck gasped seeing Marge’s collection of hoarded junk.


Then the Simpsons got Ms Abernathy to take back all her junk from Marge. Ms Abernathy arrived in a blue suit, presumably having found employment.

”Marge, thank you. Thank you for removing the clutter from my home and my mind!” said Crazy cat lady/Ms Abernathy.

”That’s okay Ms Abernathy. said Marge.

”Now I shall help you with your hoarding.” said Ms Abernathy. She went through the hoarded stuff. “Old newspapers! Filled in Mini golf score sheets! European ketchup! Styrofoam shaped like computer parts! Gah! Cat calendars!” Ms Abernathy became crazy again and took back all the junk. “Rolls of stickers!”

Marge protested but Homer stopped her. “Marge just look away and leave the crazy lady with the junk and it will soon be all gone...”

Crazy cat lady screamed like Tarzan and called in all her cats. Cats filled the house.

”Um.... we’ll deal with that later...” said Homer.

Reunited Cheech and Chong and Bart performed wonderfully as Puck.

“Hello, mad spirits!” said Bart as Puck. “Before we part, it is I, mischievous and puckish Bart!” said Bart swinging from a lamppost.

“And your naked!” Oscar screamed with laughter. Bart sighed and continued his lines.

“‘Twas not I the players did disturb! ‘Twas the doing of a green, and naughty herb...” said Bart in a room filled with Cheech and Chong stuff. “The gods have righted every wrong! Cheech the stoner, has his Chong...”

Bart then rode on Cheech’s van like a gremlin. “And Dad, he is back with Mom, you can watch us tomorrow on!”

“Bart put your clothes back on and stop wearing those ridiculous leaves!” Homer yelled.

The end!