Simpsons Fanon
District Pressboard Estates
Town Springfield
Owner Owner: Abraham Simpson
Ned Flanders (ex-owner)
Tenants: The Simpsons
First Appearance Good Night

742 Evergreen Terrace is the street address of the Simpson Family home. It was revealed that Grampa Abe Simpson actually owns 742 Evergreen Terrace. He sold his old house, and wrote Homer a check for $15,000 so that he could pay for the home. It is unclear whether Grampa paid the full price of the house, or if Homer paid a share.

The house to the left of the Simpsons house is the Flanders' house, which is owned outright by Ned Flanders,

The house on the right currently belongs to Ted Flanders. It was formerly owned by Sideshow Bob (disguised as Walt Warren), Ruth Powers, Laura Powers, Sylvia Winfield and Mr. Winfield (Also home to Mr. Reader, Mrs. Reader and Baby Reader in The Simpsons Comic).

Marge once said that Evergreen Terrace is "the street that smells like pee". Oddly, former presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford have previously moved in to the street, albeit in a house across the street.



The house is a tan-orange two-story detached house with a garage, basement, attic and lots of mice. On the ground floor, the front door leads straight into the foyer, with one arch in the wall to the left, leading to the sitting room, one to the right which leads into the dining room, a small cupboard and the stairs to the second floor. The sitting room and the dining room both have bay windows. At the back of the house is the living room and the kitchen, with stairs that lead to the basement (Marge discovered a secret sauna room hidden behind a heater).[1][2][3][4][5]

The second story of the house has Homer and Marge's bedroom (with an ensuite bathroom), Bart's bedroom, Lisa's bedroom, Maggie's bedroom, a bathroom and some 'empty' rooms, often shown in inconsistent places in several occasions. On the landing, there is a hatch which leads to the attic. In one of the Halloween Treehouse of Horror specials, Bart's long lost twin, Hugo, lives in the attic.

The back garden of the house is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge, and features a patio and the treehouse. Occasionally there is a hammock shown tied to two trees near the fence that borders Ned Flanders backyard. Near that fence are the tombstones of The Simpsons' former cats: Snowball I, II, III, and Coltrane.[6]


  1. Foyer
  2. Sitting Room
  3. Living Room
  4. Dining Room
  5. Kitchen
  6. Rumpus Room
  7. Downstairs Hallway
  8. Garage
  9. Hallway
  10. Homer and Marge's Bedroom
  11. Homer and Marge's Bathroom
  12. Bart's Bedroom
  13. Lisa's Bedroom
  14. Maggie's Bedroom
  15. Sarah and nelson Bedroom
  16. Bathroom
  17. Basement
  18. Attic
  19. Sauna
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