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1,000 Episodes Later is an upcoming episode of The Simpsons that will serve as the 1,000th episode as well as the show's true official series finale if Matt Groening and FOX allow the show to go pass more than 34 seasons.


The 1,000th episode opens up with a couch gag. An employee from the FOX network enters the Simpsons family house and announce to the family that their show is ending after this special episode which shocks them. Lisa tells Marge what they should do? And Marge says “Guess we have no choice but to spend whatever episodes in the next or what could be our 1,000th and final episode?” And as they wonder how Homer reacts to the news, he already does by fainting to the couch concluding the series finale's couch gag.

The episode starts off with the title screen gag with an Aerial ad plane flying with a sign saying “1,000”, The chalkboard gag reads “The end begins”. A billboard gag advertises a final episode for a “fictional show”.

The family members sit on the couch like every couch gag except Homer doesn’t come because he is sitting on the stairs moping because this is the shows 1,000th and final episode and he wants to do more things he never tried out and wonder why the quality in the show declined in the past two decades and wishes to kill those who cancel the show as it is revealed that Homer has five stages of grief about the show's end. The family cheers him up that this may be the final episode but they will live on in reruns, toys, T-shirts, DVD's, etc.

Homer, who listened to his family, understands this and decides to accept the end which means that he has reached the fifth and final stage of grief, acceptance. So Homer along with his family finally sit on the couch ending the couch gag.

We then zoom in to some stage hall where every resident of Springfield and Simpsonized guest stars ever, appear as audience and lowering down to the stage are the Simpsons sitting in their iconic couch waving to the audience and after the couch landed on the ground they welcome the audience to the 1,000th episode and the series finale.

They explain that this may be the 1,000th episode of the series but it will sadly be the last as this will be the final episode so they decided to go out with a bang.

They begin their speech on how the show began, how it reached pop culture and how they beat Gunsmoke’s record though they didn’t beat a certain anime series from Japan which is still long running called Sazae-Chan.

And how they didn't realize that the series is good at predictions.

They also make fun of the series ending because of the declining quality and stuff. Especially that they wonder if they would have ended sooner.

And after the speech they tell the audience that they will showcase many of the show's greatest hits from the show's 1,000 episode run including their favorite characters and interview the Simpsonized versions of the writers, directors, actors, producers, artists, music composers, including Matt Groening.

But as they decide to welcome the Simpsonized version of Homer's voice actor Dan Castellaneta, he disappears as it's revealed that he was kidnapped by a mysterious person as he says to Dan, he will kidnap the rest of the cast including the creator Matt as revenge for the Simpsons.

While the Simpsons family along with the supporting casts try to find Dan, they introduce a really big segment to the audience showcasing each moments from every Simpsons ever. They each come in different categories, each focusing on one of the characters greatest moments like the number of deeds Mr. Burns committed, the number of pranks Bart caused, the number of “dohs” Homer blurted, the number of fourth wall breaks, the number of songs sang, the number of Lisa's sax solos, and many more. During the segment each Simpsonized version of the cast and crew disappear and finally after the last segment ended the creator Matt Groening disappears as well.

The family has had enough and attempt to demand the mysterious person to show himself and demand where the mission people are. The mysterious masked man appears and has every Simpsonized version of the cast and crew held as hostages, the mysterious masked man unmasks himself and is revealed to be none other than the Simpsonzied version of Tracey Ullman herself.

Lisa asks Tracey why would she kidnap the actors and Matt, Tracey says the reason is that she wanted to play the role in the Simpsons shorts but she just skipped since she thought that the shorts won’t work. However as her show get cancelled, The Simpsons continued to live on as the series we watched through many years while Tracey becomes a hasbeen probably like her real counterpart did and she never got a chance to play a role as a Simpsons character for many years which sparked her jealousy towards them.

So when she heard that the 1,000th episode of the Simpsons happens and the series finale celebration is about to be made, she decides to plot her revenge by kidnapping every actor including the creator during the occasion and now that her plan is almost complete she decides to use her laser gun she orders from the website she found and vaporizes not only the casts and Matt but also every characters of the Simpsons.

But the Simpsons however apologize to Tracey because they admitted she is the one who introduced them to the audience and made them who they are and without her they would be forgotten. Hearing these words Tracey, bumbling with tears of joy is about to hug the Simpsons but she accidentally drops her vaporizing gun causing it to shoot straight at her and make her vaporized. Matt Groening who is among the hostage gives the punchline, "Woah! What a way to go."

As the Simpsons including the supporting casts release the Simpsonized casts and Matt, they think this would have been a great special without those interruptions by Tracey but it turns out it was better, The Simpsons however feel sad that this is the end of the show that there are more things they wanted to do but Lisa assures them that they will live on in merchandise especially that they will rebooted in about few or many years later.

The Simpsons members including the supporting casts like the idea then Bart tells Homer and admits to him that he is the best dad after all and wish they would have had more fun together, Homer feels touched by Bart’s words until Bart mocks him as always which causes Homer to do his “Why you little..” strangle with Marge to stop it and after everything is settled the family and the supporting casts gather together on stage and sing “We’ll Meet Again” and as the song ends, the Simpsons say goodbye to the audience and then fade to the yellow ending credits with the Simpsons theme song. And one last Gracie films and 20th Television logos.

And thus, ends the Simpsons 1,000th and final episode.


  • This episode will premiere after the 2031-2032 television season, meaning we have to wait at least another decade for this episode to air.
  • This idea was inspired by thomas2313412's take on the series finale, using this premise.
  • The rest of this hour long episode contains regular and satirize stuff in our culture.
  • It also makes fun of the greatest series finale moments like the finale of St. elsewhere (The Snow Globe), Newhart (Dream Thing), Mash's ending, etc.
  • The special episode also contains a clip montage of every couch gag dating back from January 1990 to the present and then a title appears with the announcer saying “It’s the Simpsons's 1,000th episode and the series finale!”.